Lady Gaga was astonished Bradley Cooper could sing



22.10.2018 10:32

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper each had reasons to be nervous for their first meeting, especially after Cooper suddenly brought up the idea that they sing something together.

“I was nervous. I had never sat down with an actor of his caliber before,” said the pop diva in yet another of her interviews with Cooper in which the two gush about their collaboration for the hit movie musical “A Star is Born.”

For Lady Gaga, Cooper’s request essentially was an audition for the film. Cooper, 43, would go on to direct and star in the film, playing doomed rock idol Jackson Maine who falls in love with a younger singer-songwriter (Lady Gaga) whose star is about to rise. For this de facto audition, Lady Gaga, 32, said the two were meeting at her home, she explained in the People TV interview.

But as nervous as Lady Gaga said she was, Cooper had his own reasons to be intimidated by his prospective leading lady, despite his three Oscar nominations. As interviewer Jess Cagle noted, Lady Gaga is regarded as one of the “greatest singers in the world.”

Cooper said he was surprised to find that he wasn’t nervous because Lady Gaga “was so present.” He explained how she possessed a quality shared by other “great artists” — of having so much confidence in their achievements that they can afford to make others feel comfortable.

So, Lady Gaga was nervous, but Cooper wasn’t.

But the real revelation came when Lady Gaga pulled out music for her “audition” and started to play. Cooper had suggested they sing the folk song “Midnight Special.”

“He started to sing,” Lady Gaga recalled to People TV. “I just stopped playing. I looked over at him and said, ‘Oh my gosh, Bradley, you have a voice! You can sing!'”

Lady Gaga lauded Cooper’s previously unknown singing talent to People TV.

“It comes from his gut,” she said. “It comes from inside of him. It comes from the nectar of his being. It’s so soulful.”

Cooper said he used his iPhone to record their duet, which he showed to Warner Bros. to convince the studio to allow him to cast the pop diva.

The rest, we now know, has become Hollywood history. Since its Oct. 3 release, “A Star is Born” has earned more than $200 million at the global box office and won major Oscar buzz for presenting “a full-hearted, grandly entertaining reworking” of a classic Hollywood story, as The Guardian put it. Our reviewer raved about it, too.

It also turns out that Cooper and Lady Gaga’s musical collaboration is rocking the charts. The “A Star is Born” soundtrack held firm to the no. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 for the second straight week in a row, Rolling Stone reported.

Their duet “Shallow,” in a key moment in the movie also has become an iconic, viral film clip. That moment is certainly filled with the romantic heat Cooper and Lady Gaga bring to the film.