High school journalists stand up to censorship and win



23.09.2018 13:07

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Armed with a new Vermont law that protects student journalists, four high school editors have stood up to censorship and won, prompting their school to revamp its media policy.

The Burlington High School students had posted a story on the school newspaper website that they collectively wrote on a school employee facing unprofessional conduct charges from the state. They had gotten a tip about the investigation and filed a public records request, posting the story the night of Sept. 10.

The next morning, the principal asked the students' adviser to take it down. The students quickly consulted with legal experts about what do to and wrote on the website that their article had been censored.

Days later, the principal said the students could repost the story since it had been picked up by local media. Then, Sept 15, the school did another about-face and said it would change its policy on media, based on the New Voices law.


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