Ex-governor wants to reform state’s opioid treatment system



25.09.2018 14:35

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Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey on Tuesday called on the state to overhaul how it deals with opioid addiction treatment.

McGreevey, a former Democratic governor who resigned from office in 2004, chairs the Jersey City-based New Jersey Reentry Corporation. He has been a prominent figure in the state urging the public sector to address the overdose crisis, which is on pace claim 3,000 lives this year.

The organization unveiled a 35-page report Tuesday at the statehouse alongside medical doctors, mothers of victims and a prominent state lawmaker.

"For families facing the death of a young son or daughter there's nothing more tragic, futile or frustrating than the manner in which many families discern what is the appropriate level of care for their loved one," McGreevey said.


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