From super agent to Disney castoff, Michael Ovitz recounts his epic fallout with Michael Eisner - Los Angeles Times



23.09.2018 03:00

To some, he was a brilliant negotiator and pioneering agent who guided the careers of such top talent as Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman. To others, he was a ruthless tactician who would not let anyone stand in his way. In his memoir “Who Is Michael Ovitz?” the former super agent offers his own take on how he became one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. The memoir, due out Tuesday, traces Ovitz’s remarkable career as co-founder of Creative Artists Agency and his brief, ill-fated tenure as president of Walt Disney Co. Disney CEO Michael Eisner handpicked Ovitz in 1995 to be his lieutenant at the Burbank-based company. But Ovitz’s partnership with Eisner was doomed from the start. In a chapter entitled “Number Two,” reprinted here with permission from Portfolio (a member of Penguin Random House), Ovitz recounts what went wrong.